About Us

The concept ger of Evolution Through the Ages came to Jacob Stagray while sitting in class. The idea of using evolution for the basis of a game was bounced off Dr. Murray Pendarvis, an evolutionary biologist and associate professor from Southeastern Louisiana University; Dr. Pendarvis recommended the idea be used for a dissertation project.

Evolution Through the Ages is a SIM game where users serve as an omnipresent observer whom can influence the outcomes of evolutionary lineages.

Jacob Stagray is currently taking a two year hiatus from pursuing his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology; during this time, Jacob is serving as a biology/environmental science teacher at Archbishop Hannan High School (Covington, LA). The goal of this game is to successfully illustrate how evolution pathways interact with the establishment of the different arrays of lifeforms. This game serves as a fun and educational way to depict 100% phylogenetically accuracy evolutionary pathways.

Feel free to contact us in order to help us improve our upcoming evolutionary SIM model system.

Jacob Stagray

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Jacob Stagray is the son of a United States Marine. He was born in San Clemente, CA on September 8th, 1992. Throughout his life he has traveled to such places as Japan, where he lived for five years, South Korea, and the United States: California, Washington, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Jacob completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Integrative Biological Sciences with chemistry minor from Southeastern Louisiana University in May of 2015. He worked under Dr. Penny Shockett (Immunology), Dr. Murray Pendarvis (Evolutionary Biology), and Dr. Ronald Veazey (Comparative Pathology).

Jacob Stagray pursued a PhD in microbiology and immunology at Louisiana State University Health Science Center in Shreveport, as of July 2015 to June 2016. During this time, he studied the effects of Human Cytomegalovirus on primary monocyte polarization and differentiation in Dr. Andrew Yurochko's lab.

Jacob Stagray is currently taking a two year hiatus from his pursuit of his PhD; during this time, he is serving as a biology/environmental science teacher at Archbishop Hannan High School of Covington, LA, while continuing to work on Evolution Through the Ages.


Sean Craft

Chief Operation Officer/ Director of Programming

Sean Craft is the lead programmer of Evolution Through the Ages. Sean completed his physics and computer science degrees with a math minor from Southeastern Louisiana University in December of 2015. Sean is currently working as a private contractor for a governmental agency.

Sean intends to return to for a graduate degree in brain-computer interfaces within the next four years; this pertains to communications between computers and the human brain; this will allow for humans to directly communicate with computers, without the need for physical interface (no need for typing).

Any details pertaining the programming of the game, or any game bugs/glitches, are welcome to be discussed with Sean at his below enclosed email address.


Devin Reeson

Director of Graphic Design, Social Media, and Marketing

Devin Reeson is the lead graphic designer for the textures of Evolution Through the Ages. These textures were implemented in order to render a more life-like appearance to the creatures in Evolution Through the Ages. Devin received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Southeastern Louisiana University as of December of 2013.

Devin is currently employed as a graphic designer at ExpoSigns, Slidell Magazine, and Slidell Postcards of Slidell, LA. During the political season, Reeson has also been known to work for political campaign ads/postcards.

Any questions pertaining the social media aspects of Evolution Through the Ages should be directed to Devin Reeson at the below email address.