Help me!Anyone Having Trouble Figuring Out How To Download/Install Game?

This is where users can come and post their comments and ask other users, as well as the creators, for assistance in maintaining their Evolution Through the Ages Game. Just post your questions and explanation of situations below and someone will be with you shortly.
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Anyone Having Trouble Figuring Out How To Download/Install Game?

Postby mshg9 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:42 pm

If so, I have created this little Instructional Packet that can be used to aid in the acquiring of this awesome game! You guys should really give it a try and tell your friends about it.

Steps To Download/Install Evolution Through the Ages

1. New Members must first create a user on by clicking register in the top right corner.
b. Upon Registering, user must go to the email address they just registered with and open
confirmation email to complete the registration process for authorizing their game account

2. Newly registered user will then return to and click on “store” Tab


b. Once in the store, Users will be prompted to pay the One- Time Lifetime Game Membership Fee- $8.00 charge (paid
via Paypal account) by clicking on the button entitled “Buy Now”

3. User must return to
a. “Login” in with the appropriate username and password

b. Click the tab entitled “Game”, and Instead of Buy, it now says “Download Latest Release”


ii. Click the button and the latest game is downloaded in a zipped Compressed File

4. Extract All “Latest Release Files” from the download folder and place them DIRECTLY on your desktop

5. Open extracted “Latest Release Files” on your computer’s desktop

6. Click game icon in extracted folder entitled “Launch Game”
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